Medela Personal Fit Breastshields-Now 40% Off

These breastshields provide a way to custom fit your pump to your breast size! The standard size shield is 24mm and is what comes with all the pumps. The one piece breastshield only comes in 24mm. If you are smaller than average you might want to try the 21mm (small). If you are larger than average you have a choice of 3 sizes now 27mm (large), 30mm (Xlarge) or 36mm (XXlarge). If you need still larger than this inquire about the blown glass one. These numbers refer to the nipple tunnel diameter. You also have the choice of a softer breastshield which has more compression action with the 24-25mm - SoftFit (lower picture on the left). If you use any of these alternate sizes you must buy the base connector piece to use with them. These are in retail packaging with 2 per pack. The other sizes are under "Medela Replacement Parts"