Medela Supplemental Nursing System (SNS)-Now 40% off

This is a breastfeeding assistant for when there is a suckling difficulty or for an adoptive mother who wishes to breastfeed. It allows the baby to stay at the breast and receive proper nutrition while the problem is being corrected. Ideally, a mother can pump her own milk and put it in the feeder. As the problem is corrected, the baby draws more from the breast and needs less from the SNS. An adoptive mother will usually have to start with an artificial baby milk (unless she has a good hearted, lactating friend nearby). The suckling action will stimulate production of her own milk supply. While an adoptive mother may not produce a full supply, whatever she does produce will help the baby. And, since breastfeeding is so much more than a transfer of nutrition, she can't possibly "fail" with any attempt made. It comes ready to use in a sterile pack and the container is DEHP & BPA free. You can also get and extra container with a lid for those long term users.