Lact-Aid Nursing Trainer System-Now 10% off

Lact-Aid Nursing Trainer System (NTS) supplements baby at the breast, trains suckling, provides oral physical therapy and builds milk supply. Single and Double units are available. Both kits have 1 each: Adjustable Neck Strap, Bag-Filling Bracket, Funnel, Formula Strainer, Bulb type Cleaning Syringe and Instruction book. The Standard kit has one nursing trainer unit and 50 bags (a one week supply for a baby nursing 8 times a day) for short term use. The Deluxe kit is what you need for long term use as it has two nursing trainer units and 100 Nursing Bags (a two week supply - to get you started). All parts of this unit are BPA free! The purchase of this item includes help from PJ (Board Certified Lactation Consultant) - if you have any questions just ask! 1-509-677-5177 or 1-509-771-2614.