Melinda G 2160 Glorious Contour Tee-Shirt Nursing Bra. NOW 20% OFF!

Special Features: This style subtly contours your curves but without the bulky pads. The deep center plunge will let you wear some of your lower cut shirts again while still providing fabulous support.
Fabric Content: Cups: Poly/Nylon/Spandex blend. Backs: 83% Nylon/17% Lycra blend.
Shape and Fitting: This one covers most of her size range so just about everyone should find a size that fits! Yes, this was designed to be a little sexier and be able to have some cleavage but don't get too carried away with the cleavage - make sure you pick a size that still has enough fabric to support!
Washing Instructions: Hand wash warm - no bleach - hang to dry.
Back: 3 hooks with 4 positions.
Color: Nude or Black (this color is being discontinued so all that is left is on the drop down menu)
Size: Small (32D-34B-34C), Medium (34D-36B-36C), Large (36D-38B-38C), Voluptuous (38D-40B-40C), VaVaVaVoom (40D-42B-42C)
fab!curvy Small (32E-F), fab!curvy Medium (34E-F), fab!curvy Large (36E-F), fab!curvy Voluptuous (38E-F), fab!curvy VaVaVaVoom (40E-F)
Price: WAS $48.99 - NOW $39.19