LeUnique Bra 300, 301, 302

We can no longer get bras from Jeunique however, Le Unique has taken over production so we can get all the sizes again!
Special Features: This is a style that will make you feel like a queen. The banderin inside gives the support while the silky fabric and touch of lace give it class. Like all the Le Unique styles this one is also designed for every woman throughout all phases of her life. The cups come down for proper fitting and adjustment putting it on each day - they are also very convenient for nursing mothers too!
Fabric Content: face: 100% poly, body: 100% cotton, sides & back: 24% lycra/76% Lentron nylon.
Shape and Fitting: This style is naturally a little "pointier" than some but it mellows with wear and will mold more to your shape without losing any support. Because it reshapes, just about any natural shape will work with this style. If you know your Le Unique size for J30 or J40 then converting to Confidante sizing is easy! Go up one band size and go up 2 cup sizes from your J30 or J40 cup size. If you are working from our standard measuring in our "fitting room" then begin with our regular standard size. If you have any questions, please call us as we know this one is confusing!
Washing Instructions: Hand wash with no bleach and hang dry. If you want to add years to the life of your bra we suggest using the Delicat wash (no longer available) every day and staying away from brands like Woolite.
Back: Cup sizes up to EE have 2 hooks with 3 positions and larger than that are 3 hooks with 3 positions.
Color: Ivory (300) or Black (301)
Size: 32 BB/C to 30 L/LL
Price: NEW LOWER PRICING! Pricing is graduated with the sizing.