Nursing Aids-Special Situations

Lact-Aid Nursing Trainer Bags

One roll consists of 50 bags. With the 7oz. bags you will also need the 7oz. tubing extender.



Lact-Aid Nursing Trainer System

Lact-Aid Nursing Trainer System (NTS) supplements baby at the breast, trains suckling, provides oral physical therapy and builds milk supply. Single and Double units are available. Both kits have 1 each: Adjustable Neck Strap, Bag-Filling Bracket, Funnel, Formula Strainer, Bulb type Cleaning Syringe and Instruction book. The Standard kit has one nursing trainer unit and 50 bags (a one week supply for a baby nursing 8 times a day) for short term use. The Deluxe kit is what you need for long term use as it has two nursing trainer units and 100 Nursing Bags (a two week supply - to get you started). All parts of this unit are BPA free! The purchase of this item includes help from PJ (Board Certified Lactation Consultant) - if you have any questions just ask! 1-509-677-5177 or 1-509-771-2614.


Lact-Aid Nursing Trainer System Trainer Units

Extra Nursing Trainer Units are handy to have on hand so several bags can be made up ahead of time for the day!



Medela Contact Nipple Shield

This style, called the Contact Nipple Shield does just what the name implies. It provides more skin-to-skin contact with an open section on one side of the shield. Sometimes the side of the old style shield will flip up over the nose of the baby. The baby can also smell mom better. It has medium firmness and comes in three sizes. The extra small size is shorter in depth also. I find this size works better on newborns. The standard size is generally too big for them and they just end up with a mouth full of silicone. The small size is great for a few weeks after the newborn but not quite weaned off yet. If they are still needing a nipple shield after 3-4 weeks the standard size is appropriate then. They all have four good-sized holes in the tip. If you need help in weaning off of the shield give us a call and talk to our Lactation Consultant. Do not tamper with the product like cutting it down slowly. This can cause sharp edges that can cut baby's tongue. They can only be returned if the packaging is completely intack and sealed.



Medela SoftFeeder

This feeder has a soft silicone cup spout and offers the ease of a bottle for those who may feel uncomfortable using a straight cup. A special reservoir controls fluid unlike regular cups. Because it is not yet, mass produced, it is still quite expensive, however, if you have a smart baby who refuses a bottle - and you have to find something that works - price becomes a very small issue.



Medela SoftShells Inverted Nipple Kit

Medela SoftShells TM (Inverted Nipple Kit) The firm plastic on the outside has air vent holes just on the top and a soft, flexible silicone back for comfort. It also comes with washable foam inserts to soak up the leaked milk.



Medela SoftShells Sore Nipple Kit

Medela SoftShells TM (Sore Nipple Kit) are the same as the Inverted Nipple Kit except the opening in the silicone is wider and the main intent is to keep anything away from the sore nipples.



Medela Special Needs Feeders

Formerly this was called the Haberman Feeder - For use in cases of special feeding problems, such as cleft lip or palate. It has a one way valve so that you can manually compress the extended teat and this will help the flow go into the baby's mouth for those that are not able to provide a seal to get suction to draw it out themselves. If you are unsure about your need for a Haberman Feeder, please e-mail or call and ask for PJ at 888-398-7987. There are three options - a regular with an 80ml bottle for most full term babies, a regular with a 150ml/5oz bottle for a little older baby that is needing more at a feed and a mini size for preterm babies. You can get extra teats for each size here also.



Medela Starter SNS

The Starter SNS TM pictured here with an 80ml bottle - is a smaller version of the Supplemental Nursing System for when the problem is minor and a less expensive, short term solution is needed. The manufacturer recommends using it for no longer than 24 hours. However, I have seen it work (with care) for up to a two or three weeks. Just squeeze warm water through the tubing after each feed to clean. If you already have an infant feeder than you can get the kit without the container.



Medela Supplemental Nursing System (SNS)

This is a breastfeeding assistant for when there is a suckling difficulty or for an adoptive mother who wishes to breastfeed. It allows the baby to stay at the breast and receive proper nutrition while the problem is being corrected. Ideally, a mother can pump her own milk and put it in the feeder. As the problem is corrected, the baby draws more from the breast and needs less from the SNS. An adoptive mother will usually have to start with an artificial baby milk (unless she has a good hearted, lactating friend nearby). The suckling action will stimulate production of her own milk supply. While an adoptive mother may not produce a full supply, whatever she does produce will help the baby. And, since breastfeeding is so much more than a transfer of nutrition, she can't possibly "fail" with any attempt made. It comes ready to use in a sterile pack and the container is DEHP & BPA free. You can also get and extra container with a lid for those long term users.



SuppleMate Infant Care

This handy new tool will enable mothers to add a supplement (hopefully her pumped breastmilk) while the baby is still nursing. Sometimes an infant with a weak or uncoordinated suck needs extra help for a few days. The one ounce bellow connects to a six inch pliable medical grade tubing. This tubing can be taped to mother's breast with butterfly tape (available next item on list) for placement in baby's mouth while nursing. The difference between model I and II is that SuppleMate I has a six inch tube that can be used at the breast or used as a finger feeder and SuppleMate II has a two inch tube which enhances finger feeding if that is the main objective. This concept is wonderful for a short term helper and the price is great for that. However, if one were to need to keep this up for a couple weeks the Medela Starter SNS may be more appropriate and for longer term yet the full SNS or Lact-Aid system would be the best. Be sure to call our Lactation Consultant (PJ) if you have further questions (888-398-7987).