Nursing Aids-Breastmilk Storage Systems


Ameda Breast Milk Storage Bottles Now - 60% off



Avent VIA Breastmilk Storage Kit - 75% off!

For use with the new Avent VIA Disposable System. This kit includes 10 reusable lids, 10 disposable bases and 2 reusable adaptors.
Was $15.00 - Now $3.75



Avent VIA Disposable Nurser Starter Kit - 8oz. - 75% off!

This brand new design from Avent uses VIA disposables for exceptional safety and strength. The starter kit comes with 5 reusable lids, 5 disposable bases, 1 reusable adaptor, 1 dome cap, 1 newborn nipple and 1 screw ring (extra bases can be purchased separately).
Was $8.20 - Now $2.05



BSN Mothers Milk Storage Bags

Designed for the mother who is storing her milk for her baby. A safe, efficient collecting system for freezing, storing and feeding. Holds up to 6 oz. of mother's milk and will fit the disposable bottle tubes.

Contains 25 bags with attached twist-ties and instructions for use. Individually machine sterile.



Breastmilk Freezing & Storage Pack

This set contains 12 of the 2.7 oz/80 ml containers with lids for easy storage in the freezer or fridge. They are compatible with all medela breastpumps. Each container comes sealed and sterile and they are DEHP & BPA free.


Medela Breastmilk Collection & Storage Bottle Set

Extra bottles to pump into for convenient breastmilk storage in fridge or freezer. Compatible with all Medela breastpumps for pumping directly into the bottle. Safe plastic made without BPA designed to retain breastmilk's beneficial properties Also compatible with Calma Includes 6-5oz/150ml breastmilk bottles with lids



Medela Breastmilk Feeding Gift Set

Special Features: This has everything you need to collect, store and feed breastmilk. It is compatible with Medela breastpumps. It is BPA Free. This set includes (3) 5 oz breastmilk bottles with wide base silicone nipples, collars and travel caps, (20) Pump & Saveâ„¢ breastmilk bags, and (6) 2.7 oz/80 mL breastmilk bottles.
Price: $29.99



Medela Breastmilk Feeding and Storage

These units are perfect for collecting, storing, freezing and feeding breastmilk to baby. They are compatible with all Medela breastpumps. They are dishwasher and microwave safe. The single kit has one 5 oz/150 ml container, a slow-flow silicone nipple, one collar, one solid lid and one travel cap/cup feeder. Triple kit has three of everything. They are all DEHP & BPA free. You can order extra nipples here also.

The NEW Breastmilk Storage Solution comes with:
(6) 5oz/150 ml breastmilk bottles
(6) 2.7 oz/80 ml breastmilk bottles and lids
(6) breastmilk labeling lids
(20) 5 oz/150 ml Pump and Save breastmilk bags
(1) Storage Tray
(1) breastmilk storage guidelines magnet



Medela Pump & Save Bags

These bags from Medela are unique because they attach directly to the pump for collection and even have a no-spill stand-up bottom. When you're done pumping you zip up the closure for storage and freezing. They are compatible to use with all Medela breast pumps. Special plastic retains the breastmilk's beneficial properties and contain no DEHP or BPA. They come pre-sterilized and are double-walled for long and safe breastmilk storage.
6-Pk. $3.99
20-Pk. $8.99
50-Pk. $18.99



Medela Quick Clean Breastpump & Accessory Wipes

When it is hard to get to soap and water to wash these handy wipes make it fast and easy to clean your breastpump and accessories. While you are wiping things down continue with the high chair, crib rails and counter tops. . .Alcohol, bleach and scent free. There is a choice of two sizes. One package of 24 pre-moistened wipes or a box of 40 individually wrapped wipes that also contains one Micro-Steam Bag.



Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags

This is a unique way of sterilizing your pump parts every day. It only takes 3 minutes in a microwave to eliminate 99.9% of all harmful bacteria and germs. Finally, a good use for a microwave - I don't recommend them for anything else! There are 5 bags per box and each bag can be used up to about 20 times - so that is about 100 uses per box.


Medela Replacement Parts

These are the extra parts for your medela breastpump including tubing, breastshields, bags, bottles, valves, membranes, conversion parts, connectors, etc... Just click on the scroll down button to view the items and prices. If you are confused and not sure of what you need give us a call (888-398-7987). The tubing is especially confusing!



Milkies Freeze Breast Milk Storage

The Milkies Freeze is a "first in, first out" breast milk storage system that fits in your freezer. Simply collect your precious breast milk in any milk storage bag, and place the bag on the metal quick-freeze tray at the top of the Freeze. Once the milk is frozen, slip the bag into the Freeze storage system through the slot at the top, and the bag will fall to the bottom of the storage container. When you need to thaw a bag of breast milk to feed to your little one, pull a bag out from the bottom of the Freeze - that way you are sure to use the oldest milk first! The Milkies Freeze can store up to 60 of breast milk



Milkies Milk & Food Trays

Special Features: Milk Trays, a breast milk freezing system, will freeze your expressed breast milk in one-ounce servings eliminating waste commonly associated with nurser bags. Unlike ice-cube trays, Milk Trays are specifically designed for expressed breast milk giving you, a breastfeeding mother, the confidence in knowing that none of your breast milk will be wasted. Using Milk Trays allow you and/or your baby's caregivers (dads, grandparents, day-cares, etc.) the ability to:
1) make each bottles to order
2) freeze expressed breast milk in one-ounce servings
3) achieve your breastfeeding goals
4) take up less space in the freezer allowing you to create a reliable "stash" of expressed breast milk
Our trays are made from the safest medical-grade plastic with a recycle rating number "1". Milk Trays have fitted lids and the trays are flexible enough to allow the Milk Sticks, one-ounce frozen breast milk, to be removed easily. Milk Sticks will fit through any bottle opening. Milk Tray, breast milk freezing trays, are reusable and a huge cost savings because they are a one-time expense for moms!
Milk Trays are the best choice for when you are ready to go back to work or if you are an on-the-go mom! Do you want to freeze your expressed breast milk in an easier, safer and more economical way? Choose Milk Trays.
One Unit = 2 trays and 2 lids
Price: $21.95

Is your baby ready to start eating solid foods? With so many pre-packaged baby foods available, finding the healthiest foods from the grocery store shelves can be a difficult chore. Instead of spending valuable time in the supermarket aisles scrutinizing baby food jar labels, many parents find it easier and more comforting (not too mention more economical) to make baby foods at home. Homemade baby foods are fresher and more nutrient-dense than many pre-packaged baby foods. And, by making your own, you get to choose exactly what goes into the foods your baby is eating - that means no additives, preservatives, starchy fillers, sugar or sodium! Each tray comes with a lid for easy stacking in the freezer.



Milkies Milk-Saver

The Milk-Saver is a patented new invention that will change the way women breastfeed their babies. Think of it as a breastmilk reservoir that fits in your bra cup. While you breastfeed on one side all the excess flow from the other side is collected within the Milk-Saver's chamber. You can then save this milk for later use. You can also attach a bag of your choice and collect the milk directly into it if you choose. This way you can utilize every drop your body produces and not waste any that would just be soaked into a pad. It easily pays for itself instead of purchasing extra artificial milks for supplemental uses! Check out the cool t-shirts they make in the clothing section!



Mother's Milkmate Breastmilk Storage Bottles

This kit allows you to pump, store and serve from the same bottle! It contains 6 polypropylene, freezable bottles, 6 plugs, 7 caps, and 45 removable, freezergrade labels for dating. Standard size nipples should fit this bottle. All Milkmate components can be washed in the top rack of your dishwasher.



Mothers Milkmate

This new FDA-approved product makes so much sense! The storage rack rotates 10 five-ounce bottles on a first in first out basis. The kit includes 10 plastic screw caps with plugs to prevent leaking, 3 baby bottle rings for use with standard size nipples for feeding and freezer-grade labels for dating. All bottle components may be washed on the top rack of your dishwasher. The economical and ecologically sound choice.