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Bon Appetit Baby

Bon Appetite, Baby! The Breastfeeding Kit by Elaine Moran is a must for all new mothers. This new book takes the mystery out of the breastfeeding experience. It will help mothers provide their babies with an optimal milk supply and maintain their own good health, while safely and naturally returning to their prepregnancy weight.

This unique, four-part book includes:
Part I - The Practical Breastfeeding Manual explains every aspect of breastfeeding basics and helps new parents identify and appropriatley manage early breastfeeding difficulties and common newborn problems.

Part II - The Complete Nutrition and Weight Loss Guide shows the nursing mother how to maintain her own good health and provide her baby with an optimal milk supply, while safely and naturally returning to her prepregnancy weight.

Part III - The Six-Week Nursing Diary with the Nurse-N-Track System TM is a two-part diary for easy monitoring of breastfeeding progress for both the mother and baby during the first six weeks postpartum.

Part IV - The New Mother's Journal is a place to record precious memories of the first days of motherhood with specific questions, idea starters and inspirational, quotations to inspire creative journal writing.