NF Formulas, Inc.

NF - Children's Probiotic Powder

A wonderful dairy-free blend of microflora specially selected for children. Bifdobacterium and Lactobacillus species are delivered in a vegetarian easy-to-use powder form that can be mixed with beverages or semi-solid food. Each individual bacterium is coated with the unique protein matrix in a base of FOS.

When antibiotics are used, many practitioners forget the second part of the equation, the probiotic that is needed to re-establish the flora (the good bacteria in the intestinal lining). Yeast/Thrush tends to get out of hand after the use of antibiotics and this can help prevent it's overgrowth. This may also be helpful when there is excessive gas or diarrhea to settle and balance the system again.



IT - Omega-3 Oil Supplements

These are the essential oils that are hard to get in most diets and yet are so important for many body processes! One outward symptom that may indicate you need more oils is rough or flaky skin. Adding topical creams may treat the symptoms but truely healthy skin is formed from the inside out! Lack of omega-3 oils may interfere with good brain function and can even be related to depression. They also support cardiovascular function, skin and joint health.

These physician-designed oils are protected from light, heat and oxygen using an exclusive bio-electron process.



NF - Chewable Echinacea Vitamin C

NF's popular Chewable Echinacea Vitamin C has been found helpful in supporting the immune system so it can better fight infections. This potent combination of botanicals, combined with synergistic vitamins, natural mixed cartenoids, and Zinc, is in an easy-to-use chewable form, for adults and children aged 4 and older.

Elderberry's clinical applications are similar to those of Echinacea, although the marker compounds of the two plants differ in the modes of action. Research on Elderberry has been based primarily on European Elder (Sambucus nigra) extracts, the species used in NF's products.

One Tablet Contains:
Vitamin A (palmitate)..1000 IU; Beta Carotene (Betatene natural mixed carotenoids)..1000 IU; Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)..65 mg; Vitamin C (sodium ascorbate)..35 mg; Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine HCI)..2 mg; Zinc (qluconate)..2 mg; European Black Elderberry fruit (Sambucus nigra) 4:1 extract 25mg equivalent to 100 mg; Echinacea 25 mg; Proprietary blend: A 4:1 extract of Echinacea purpurea herb/root, and Echinacea austofolia root, equivalent to 100mg.

Tableting Ingredients:
fructose, natural fruit flavor, dextrose, microcrystalline cellulose, and guar gum.

100 Tablets


NF - Cranberry Forte

This botanical formula begins with Cranberry concentrate. Encapsulated Cranberry offers and excellent alternative to Cranberry juice products, most of which are high in sugar. It is for short-term use only, usually 1-2 weeks. Unsweetened Cranberry has long been known to help cleanse the bladder for those prone to infections. This product is NOT for use during pregnancy.

Three standardized herbs (Uva Ursi, Equisetum and Echinacea) provide additional support. Other synergistic ingredients are included to enhance the effects of this product.

Two Capsules Contain:
Beta Caroten (Betatene: natural mixed carotenoids) 20,000 IU; Cranberry fruit concentrate (Vaccinium macrocarpon) 30% total acids, 25:1 extract 500 mg; Mannose 200 mg; Buchu leaves (Agathosma betulina) 4:1 extract 200 mg; Bearberry leaves (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi) 20% arbutin 200 mg; Horsetail herb (Equisetum arvense) 7% silica 200 mg; Echinacea angustifolia root 4% echinacoside 200 mg

60 Capsules



NF - Iron Supplements

Liquid Iron is a citrate form of Iron, combined with Vitamin B12 and folic acid in a pleasant-tasting Cinnamon-flavored liquid. A favorite of midwives and physicians, who report that this formulation is less constipating than other Iron products.

One Teaspoon Contains (5.75 gm); Iron (citrate)..20 mg; Folic acid..400 mcg; Vitamin B12..100 mcg

In a base of: deionized water, sorbitol, vegetable glycerin, methyl and propyl parabens (as preservatives), and natural cinnamon flavor.

6 Fluid Ounces
Iron Complex combines the good qualities of the liquid into a capsule form for those who would prefer it that way. 90 Softgels per bottle.


NF - PhytoZyme Plus-Multiple Enzyme Blend

A mild, soothing combination of enzymes (including Chymotrypsin), herbs and concentrated Aloe vera, for every day use.

This blend begins with NF's PhytoZyme AG. Physicians developed this unique plant based digestive formula to provide a wide range of enzymatic activity for a variety of applications. Without enzymes nothing happens in digestion and with our cooked and processed diets the enzymes are depleted drastically. Enzyme therapy is a term we will be hearing more and more coming from the reasearch labs. Adding a little extra help can mean a whole new level of absorbing what we are eating. Women with heartburn in pregnancy don't need their stomach acid neutralized as some common preparations do because then the body has to work extra hard to make more because the food still needs to be digested. It makes more sense to eat smaller meals and help the body digest it quickly by adding more enzymes so it can be out of the stomach faster and not cause heartburn! PhytoZyme includes the enzyme Alpha-galactosidase. Enzymes are delivered in a base of supportive botanicals, including the herbal bitter Gentian and Ginger. Also contains Spectra Probiotic, NF's combination of 8 highly viable strains of microflora.

In addition to the above mentioned, PhytoZyme Plus includes the addition of: Slipper Elm bark (Ulmus rubra)..50 mg; Betaine HCI..50 mg; Papain..25 mg; Pepsin..25 mg; Papaya fruit (Cariaca papaya)..25 MG; Aloe vera leaves 200:1 extract..10 mg; Bromelain 2400 gdu/3600 mcu..10mg; Trypsin..5 mg; Chymotrypsin..0.25 mg

180 Capsules



NF - Prenatal Forte

Prenatal Forte
This popular, high-potency vegetarian daily multiple uses NF's original Prenatal Formula as a foundation. Prenatal Forte adds digestive enzymes from plant sources, and the classic herbs Alfalfa, Dandelion, Nettles, Raspberry Leaf and Yellow Dock. Cranberry is included, as well as Papaya and microflora. These extra enzymes and botanicals are well worth the the slightly higher price to help ensure that your body is better able to assimilate all the nutrients!

Daily Multiple Vitamin-Mineral with Supportive Botanicals
180 Tablets


NF - Spectra Probiotic

NF's Spectra Probiotic provides eight specially selected strains of microflora. Each capsule contains billions of bacteria in NF's unique protein matrix coating. This coating protects each of the individual bacteria from harsh stomach acids and digestive juices so it can get to the intestines where it was intended to go. When antibiotics are used many practitioners forget the second half of the equation and leave out the probiotics that help re-establish the good bacteria that were killed off with the bad. Without a Probiotic many women find that yeast proliferate beyond control and can lead to sore nipples, intra-ductal inflammation and possibly mastitis. Truly an ounce of prevention here is worth well over a pound of cure!

In a base of N-Acetyl D Glucosamine (NAG) and fructooligosaccharides (FOS). Dairy free!

One Capsule Contains:
Bacteria Blend..200mg(Consisting of: Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus bularicus, Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus plantarum, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Bifidobacterium infantis, Streptococcus faecium, Streptococcus thermophilus); N-acetyl-d-glucosamine..35 mg; Fructooligosaccharides..90 mg; Bacterial cultures grown and standardized on medium composed of rice hulls.

90 Capsules


NF - Evening Primrose Oil

Good for preparing the cervix and perineum the last few weeks of pregnancy! It can be taken internally (3 capsules a day - only during the last 6 weeks!) and used on the cervix the last couple weeks to soften and prepare for birth. You can squeeze a couple capsules directly onto the cervix and then use one to help stretch and massage the perineum too!


IT - Probiotic Pearls

This is an important part of re-establishing the proper flora after a bout with a yeast infection. Each pearl contains a blend of 1 billion good bacteria to help with many intestinal woes. They are encapsulated in a way that will get it to the intestine where needed and remain intact through the stomach acids. The Pro-Flora choice is a combination of six (rather than just two bacteria as in the regular pearls) for deep regeneration of the flora.