Moby Wrap, Inc


Moby-D Wrap, Moby UV , Moby Select

The main difference between the Moby Wrap and Moby-D is the distinctive fabric panel, created from woven cotton, a silk screened print on Cotton/Spandex, a microflibre or Asian silk. The D stands for different, deluxe & distinctive. The woven and silk fabric panels add a section of non-stretchy fabric to help support the baby. The edges of the Moby D are seamed, not over-locked. This ensures that the Moby D will hold its shape after extended use. Moby-D measures 5.5 yds.
Fabrics: Microfibre, Silk Brocade, Silk screened on Cotton/Spandex & Handwoven Cotton
Silk screened print:
Dragon (for strength)
Fish (for balance)
Symbol (for prosperity)
Chocolate Stripe
Indigo Stripe
Blue Swirl
Brown Circles
Price: $59.95

Asian Silk:
Jade Stripe
Pink Shimmer
Price: $69.95

Moby UV has special fabric that will protect the baby from UV rays for moms who are out in the sun a lot! There are three colors available: Fuchsia, Sand and Turquoise
Price: $44.95

Moby Select are very special with batik cotton fabrics in a choice of two hand painted designs: Floral or Vine. The other Select choice is an organic cotton in Coconut (natural), Celery or Eggplant colors.
Price: $69.95



Moby Wrap Mini

This one makes a great gift for siblings! The wrap-around carrier made for kids to comfortably carry their own "babies".
Colors: Most of the colors are the same as the regular Moby and can be found on the drop down menu.
Price: $14.95


Moby Wraps Bamboo



Moby Wrap Classic

I had looked at this company's material several times because some aspects intrigued me but I kept putting off getting one to try out. My main excuse was it looked too complicated - people won't use it. However, when I finally got one in my hands and tried it out on my grandson I was really impressed!! Okay, the very first time I had to follow the detailed pictures but after that it made sense and came very easy. I was quite surprised at how comfortable and how well the weight was distributed! I am usually leary of criss-cross carriers after so many years of aching backs from them but because the fabric is wide (and goes over the whole shoulder instead of digging into your neck) and much of the weight goes on the hips that it wasn't even an issue. I like versatile products that last the whole 2-3 years that you may be carrying your baby. Unlike some that last only a few months (Baby Bjorn) and cost twice as much, this one will adjust easily for every position and size of baby at any age! I have to highly recommend this wrap!!
Here are a few more facts:
Fabric: 100% cotton, double interlock
Dyes: Certified to be AZO free in accordance with European Parliament Directive 2002/61/EC. The Natural is unbleached.
Weight: 21.5 ounces (includes packaging)
Dimensions: 18 feet long, 24 inches wide at center, tapers to 8 inches
Inserts: 6 pages, full color 8.5 x 11 inches. Wrapping instructions for 3 different carrying positions, as well as helpful hints and general product information.
Colors: Chocolate, Sienna, Natural, Navy, Black, Moss, Indigo, Red, Lilac, Forest and a limited edition teal color called Pacific. They have three new prints to choose from now: Camo, Daisies and Dots.
Price: $39.95. Prints are $49.95.