Bravado Original Maternity and Nursing Bra

Special Feature: This bra used to have snap down cups but they are changing over to the ever popular quick clips so they are even easier to open and close. It also has adjustable shoulder straps, and a pull-on sports back with wide under elastic for extra support. One of the nicest features of the Bravado is the adjustment it will make to your fluctuating sizes, especially at the beginning! It also has cups that drop away fully for complete access and greater skin to skin contact.
Fabric Content: 92% Cotton, 8% Spandex for superb breathability and ample stretch.
Shape and Fitting: The "Small", "Medium", "Large" designations are for the band size and the "plusses" designate the cup size. S(B cup), S+(C-D), S++(DD-F) = 32 - 36 band size; M(B-C), M+(D-E), M++(F-G) = 36 - 40 band size; L(C-D), L+(DD-E), L++(F-G) = 38 - 42 band size; XL(C-D), XL+(DD-E), XL++(F-G) = 42 - 46 band size. The company claims to fit up to a G cup but I have never seen a real G cup woman where it gave enough support to really lift and separate properly.
Sizes: S,M,L,XL,S+,M+,L+,XL+,S++,M++,L++,XL++ These are the old sizing - New sizing is as follows:
Original: S= 32-34B,C,D M= 36-38B,C,D L= 40-42B,C,D XL= 44-46B,C,D
Full Cup: S= 32-34DD/E,DDD/F,G M= 36-38DD/E,DDD/F,G L= 40-42DD/E,DDD/F,G XL= 44-46DD/E,DDD/F,G
Back: A pull-on sports back.
Washing Instructions: Machine washable with ordinary soap powder or detergent. Do not use fabric softener. Do not iron. Dryers are NOT recommended.
Color: White, Black, Snow Leopard, Heather Gray, and Butterscotch is discontinues but we still have a few left, check the drop down menu to se if we have your size.
Price: $35.00