NF - PhytoZyme Plus-Multiple Enzyme Blend

A mild, soothing combination of enzymes (including Chymotrypsin), herbs and concentrated Aloe vera, for every day use.

This blend begins with NF's PhytoZyme AG. Physicians developed this unique plant based digestive formula to provide a wide range of enzymatic activity for a variety of applications. Without enzymes nothing happens in digestion and with our cooked and processed diets the enzymes are depleted drastically. Enzyme therapy is a term we will be hearing more and more coming from the reasearch labs. Adding a little extra help can mean a whole new level of absorbing what we are eating. Women with heartburn in pregnancy don't need their stomach acid neutralized as some common preparations do because then the body has to work extra hard to make more because the food still needs to be digested. It makes more sense to eat smaller meals and help the body digest it quickly by adding more enzymes so it can be out of the stomach faster and not cause heartburn! PhytoZyme includes the enzyme Alpha-galactosidase. Enzymes are delivered in a base of supportive botanicals, including the herbal bitter Gentian and Ginger. Also contains Spectra Probiotic, NF's combination of 8 highly viable strains of microflora.

In addition to the above mentioned, PhytoZyme Plus includes the addition of: Slipper Elm bark (Ulmus rubra)..50 mg; Betaine HCI..50 mg; Papain..25 mg; Pepsin..25 mg; Papaya fruit (Cariaca papaya)..25 MG; Aloe vera leaves 200:1 extract..10 mg; Bromelain 2400 gdu/3600 mcu..10mg; Trypsin..5 mg; Chymotrypsin..0.25 mg

180 Capsules