NF - Liquid Calcium Magnesium

A time-proven favorite with practitioners throughout North America. A special high-speed blender is used in a unique manufacturing process to produce this pleasant-tasting liquid formula. It is smooth but not chalky! Ca/Mg formula offers a range of options. Dairy-free, easy to use, well-tolerated during pregnancy, excellent for pediatric and geriatric patients and everyone who wants an alternative to large tablets and capsules. It is best to take any calcium in the evening before bed as you do your repair work at night while sleeping and that is when it is most needed. It can also help you relax and this combination may be what you are missing if you suffer from Charlie Horse cramps in your legs.

This formula offers a 2:1 Ca/Mg ratio and a mint-flavored base of botanicals.
16 fluid ounces.

One Tablespoon Contains:
Calcuim (carbonate)..600 mg; Magnesium (oxide)..300 mg; Vitamin D2 (ergocalcifero)..100 IU; Boron (oxide)..250 mcg

In a base of:
deionized water, glycerin, cellulose gum gel, spearment oil (Menta spicata), peppermint oil(Mentha piperita), and herbal blend [ginger root (Zingiber officinale), fennel root (Foeniculum vulgare), horetail leaf and stem (Equistetum arvense), alfalfa leaf (Medicago satival)]

The Vanilla flavor offers a 1:1 ratio of Calcium to Magnesium and the Strawberry flavor is a 4:3 ratio.