Milk Diapers Breast Pads - NOW 20% OFF!

Milk Diaper pads are made from 100% untreated cottons (birdseye and diapers flannel) that are pre-shrunk twice before they are cut and sewn. The patented dart design gives the pad a gentle contour. These important features leave you with smooth fitting pads that don't bunch and twist after washing! This pad is available in plain white (#R001 at $3.12 per pair); in 5-layer white (#5001 at $3.56 per pair); in natural "green" cotton (#N001 at $3.56 per pair), in 5-layer natural “green” (#N5001 for natural at $4.00 a pair); in black front (#B001 at $3.60 per pair); white cotton with white lace cover (#W001 at $3.56 per pair); or teacream lace cover (#T001 at $3.56 per pair).
For heavy leakers, a full night's protection, or when you want to be extra confident, get the style with MOISTURE GUARD (#X001 at 4.40 per pair). It includes a 5-layer cotton pad with a breathable porous laminate layer and lace front.
For heavier leaking – or when you want to stay with 100% cotton – double the pads with a plain pad inside. They stay together and in place by the simple friction of the cotton weave. Replacing the inside one when damp will usually prevent leaking through.
All styles are priced per pair so you can buy in bulk and not have to pay extra for packaging. Change the number in the quantity field to how many pairs you want, choose the style in the pull down menu and then press the order button.
Don't forget a carry case - it has two pockets to keep your wet and dry ones separate.