Medela Contact Nipple Shield-Now 40% off

This style, called the Contact Nipple Shield does just what the name implies. It provides more skin-to-skin contact with an open section on one side of the shield. Sometimes the side of the old style shield will flip up over the nose of the baby. The baby can also smell mom better. It has medium firmness and comes in three sizes. The extra small size is shorter in depth also. I find this size works better on newborns. The standard size is generally too big for them and they just end up with a mouth full of silicone. The small size is great for a few weeks after the newborn but not quite weaned off yet. If they are still needing a nipple shield after 3-4 weeks the standard size is appropriate then. They all have four good-sized holes in the tip. If you need help in weaning off of the shield give us a call and talk to our Lactation Consultant. Do not tamper with the product like cutting it down slowly. This can cause sharp edges that can cut baby's tongue. They can only be returned if the packaging is completely intack and sealed.