Elomi Molly Underwire Nursing Bra 4542

Special Features:
Designed to cushion and comfortably support your new shape without compromising on fit. It has a 3 piece cup with side support for forward shaping, uplift and separation. This style has an extensive size range in an underwire nursing bra! They did a great job with it too! The seam goes above the nipple line so no irritation on sore nipples. There is stretch lace at the top which helps create a rounded shape. The elastic top edge expands when you do but keeps the first smooth. It has a full circle internal foam sling for support while nursing. The FERAN(reg trademark) ICE finishing on the fabric improves moisture wicking properties and ensures the product washes well.
Fabric Content: 63% polyester / 21% nylon / 6% cotton / 10% elastane
Shape and Fitting: Very smooth round shape!
Washing Instructions: Hand wash and line dry.
Back: The 34 bands have 2 hooks and the rest have 3 hooks with 3 placements.
Color: Black and Blush
Size: The sizing is the European sizing so it is very different from most makes. The Elomi F = Our G, FF = H, G = I GG = J, H = K, HH = L, J = M, JJ = N, K = O and KK = P! Bands are available in: F & FF = 36-44, G = 34-44, GG, H & HH = 32-44, J, JJ, K & KK = 32-42.
Price: $62.10