Undercover Mama - Lace Trim NOW 10% OFF

Special Features: The same great design as the original Undercover Mama but now with a touch of lace for a dressier feel and added length. Undercover Mama is a strapless undershirt that hooks to your favorite nursing bra. It maintains the one-step process of opening up since it lowers right with your bra cup but it keeps your tummy covered while you are nursing. Then you just wear your regular shirt over the top as usual. It is discreet, stylish, and practical. Undercover Mama makes nursing your baby easy and convenient, at home or on the go.
Fabric Content: Cotton and Spandex
Shape and Fitting: It fits snug to help smooth out some of the new mother fluff.
Washing Instructions: Machine wash and tumble dry low.
Back: Pull over your head - no zippers or hardware.
Color: Lace Trim Black or Lace Trim White
Size:XS 30-32, S 32-34, M 35-36, L 37-38, XL 39-40, XXL 41-42
Price: WAS $27.00 - NOW $24.30