Hygeia Supplemental Feeders and Milk Bags

Hazelbaker Fingerfeeder:
This is one of my favorite tools to use as it applies to numerous situations! It beautifully controls the flow with an ergonomic design. The 60 ml bulb is made of a soft silicon which is autoclavable or boilable. This system can also be used with the lanyard and add supplement at the breast while training a new baby or one with suckling difficulties.

Transitional Supplementation Feeder:
Sometimes we have a situation that just needs a touch of added supplementing (preferably with mother's own milk) to get more nutrients down a sleepy baby for a short time. This tool is handy for the 24 - 48 hour problems. The syringe is 20 ml capacity with 15 inches of a #5 french feeding tube that can be used on the finger or at the breast next to the nipple.

Breast Milk Bag:
These self standing, pre-sterilized bags are perfect for collecting breastmilk into and storage of it in the refriderator or freezer. The leak-proof zipper seal makes it very easy to open and close!