Theraline Plush Moon Nursing Pillow 1801

Special Features: Like the Original Theraline Maternity & Nursing Pillow our versatile Plushy Moon also has a filling made up of millions of micro-beads that are light as a feather. This amazing filling conforms to the shape of your body, no matter what position you are in... whether lying down or sitting up and, unusual for a pillow, it always remains firmly in place without giving way. Now, cuddly terry cloth plush combined with ultra-flexible stretch and filled with the fine sand-like original micro-beads creates a comfort in a pillow never experienced before. Size matters: The Plushy Moon measures approx. 50'' x 11'' and is filled with about 5 gallons of odor free polystyrene micro-beads. Depending on usage, polystyrene beads can become subject to a volume shrinkage from 5%-15%. However, this does not affect its functionality - refill beads are available under the Original Pillow.
Colors: White, Yellow, Blue, Sand, Dark Red
Price: $39.90