Go-Lacta Malunggay Superfood

Generations of Asian mothers have turned to one natural source when they needed to increase their breast milk production: Malunggay. The leaves of the Malunggay tree (moringa oleifera) are nature's own galactagogues ” nature's" way of helping you increase the amount of breast milk you produce. Go-Lacta is a plant-based supplement that has scientifically shown to increase moma's breast milk supply. Mothers who ate Malunggay produced 228% more milk than mothers who didn't. Go-Lacta is 100% vegan using premium Malunggay leaves and 100% vegetarian capsules. Go-Lacta ensures a high-quality and safe premium product for mom and baby. Give your baby more of the perfect food at your own breast milk. Make sure you produce enough with Go-Lacta! NEW! You can now get a 4 oz pouch of powder! This is a superfood that you can cook with or mix into your smoothies, etc. It comes with some recipe ideas. The whole family can benefit from the vitamins and nutrients Go-Lacta has to offer. The pouch is equal to 5.4 bottles of the 60's or 2.7 bottles of the 120's. Bottles come in 60 Capsules or 120 Capsules
Cost: 60 caps for $20.95 - 120 caps for $38.95
4oz pouch is $26.95.