The Le Unique Fashion Figure Control (FFC)

Jeunique Fashion Figure Control (FFC) is a unique foundation. This is one of Jeunique's outstanding garments for women in all phases of their lives. In addition to it's unique patented design and comfort, this garment offers women another tremendous benefit - the benefit of a custom fit.

From the front, it lifts the tummy area. From the back, it attractively shapes and lift the derriere, from the side, the hip line is minimized.

To maximize the benefit of this garment, it is very important that you follow the instructions provided for proper measurement and fit. Many times we are successful with just the first>
Step 1: Measure the waist to obtain the waist measurement.
Step 2: Then take the tape measure and starting from the waist, measure down nine inches on the hip.
Step 3: At this spot, with your legs close together, measure around the fullest part of the hip and this will give you the hip measurement.
Step 4: Once you have both the waist and hip measurements, refer to the FFC size chart. Determine where your size range fits and order, by waist size, color and length, the style that corresponds best to your measurements. If the two don't correspond with the chart use the LARGER of the two numbers. Now to be honest here I have personally found that the size they suggest has been uncomfortably small. I can fit into it but I can breathe much better in the next size larger - I have all 3 leg lengths but I only use the two in the larger size and those I love! My most appreciated aspect is that with everything held into place properly there is not undo pressure on my bladder so I am not racing to the restroom as often!

Step 1: To put on your FFC, turn it inside out.
Step 2: With the front facing you, step into each leg, taking hold of the waistband and pulling it up onto the body.
Step 3: Make sure the lace on the leg lies flat.
Step 4: This is a very easy way to put on your FFC without a lot of pulling and tugging. By stepping into it, you can place the leg area where you want it and then just proceed by pulling it up on the body.

(Illustrations Show Medium Length Fashion Figure Control)

Medium and Long lengths come in
Waist / Hip Sizes:
(W) 26-28 / (H) 38-40 = SIZE 28
(W) 29-30 / (H) 41-42 = SIZE 30
(W) 31-32 / (H) 43-44 = SIZE 32
(W) 33-34 / (H) 45-46 = SIZE 34
(W) 35-36 / (H) 47-48 = SIZE 36
(W) 37-38 / (H) 49-50 = SIZE 38
(W) 39-40 / (H) 51-52 = SIZE 40
(W) 41-42 / (H) 53-54 = SIZE 42

Brief has Waist/Hip sizes:
(W) 25-26 / (H) 36-37 = SIZE 26, (W) 27-28 / (H) 38-40 = SIZE 28, then continues on with same sizing as mid and long length's above.