'La Bassine' PRO WB Pool

This pool is an upgraded plastic (Strong and durable Eco material - phthalate free - 60 mm thick PVC) that is designed for the midwife or doula that provides pools for their clients. The PRO is guaranteed for 10 births or 1 year whichever comes first. The warranty does not include pin hole leaks after initial inflation but comes with an repair kit for those. It does not include damage due to over inflation or improper use. Notification of any initial flaw needs to be reported within 48 hours of receiving pool so inflate it as soon as you get it!
The measurements are: External 65x53x30 and Internal 50x38x27 and it holds 118 gallons.

The Pro can be purchased by itself ($240) or with 10 liners (best value at $530)
The liners can also be purchased singly ($30.00)

Because of the weight on these we do charge actual shipping cost which is approximately:
West Coast = $20.00, Midwest = $24.00, East Coast = $28.00