Miscellaneous Markdowns- Panties and Briefs

This is a group of panties and briefs that have a minor imperfection so we are selling them at a discount. They may have had a spot and were washed once or a minor aspect was repaired but nothing major.
Each item is listed on the drop down menu. It will have the company abbreviation (B&B=Birth and Baby, BRVD=Bravado, Eve=Eve Alexander, FF=Fancee Free, GDS=Goddess, JEU=Jeunique, LL=Leading Lady, LLL=La Leche League, LY=Lyssette, MED=Medela, MG=Melinda G, PYTX=Playtex) followed by the style number,size, the color and then a code number. The reasons why they are here are explained by the following code or the reason why it is on the sale rack:
#1 = Demo - The bra was never washed or worn but was used on the display wall for a demo just to look at
#2 = Washed Once - Occassionally we have allowed a return when it was worn for just a few hours but we required that it was washed before returning. Soiled returns nevr allowed on panties.
#3 = Minor Flaw - This category does not interfere with fitting or durability of wear - just a minor visual flaw (ex: left over marks from a sticker)
#4 = Repaired Flaw - An error in construction that was missed but repaired by our seamstresses here
#5 = Fabric Flaw - May affect durability but was repaired as best as possible but still good use in item (you will probably see bigger discounts here)
#6 = Discontinued Style - Nothing wrong with these, just the last few in stock
#7 = Shop Worn - Not washed or damaged but not looking brand new. We want our full price bras to be presented well
#8 = Minor Structure Flaw - Not bad enough to send back to the manufacturer but not perfect enough for full price either

These sale items are still returnable BUT the original ACTUAL shipping cost (minus the $1 you already paid) to send that one item will be deducted from the refund. I don't want you to be stuck with something you can't use but I can't afford to pay the shipping on top of the discounts. This is still a better deal than anywhere else on the Web! If a sale item doesn't work out you may even do better reselling it at a local consignment shop - check it out before shipping back! Most of the items (unless they have been discontinued) can be seen in the regular listings under "Panties" as just their company and style number are on this menu.