Le Unique Bra J40, J41, J42

We are happy to announce that the Jeaunique style bras are back in production under the name Le Unique!
b>Special Features: We have waited forever for this bra!! All the support of a Jeunique bra but with no seams!! It has a molded smooth cup with the same structure inside as the other Jeunique bras! The breathable banderin that supports from underneath (instead of hanging all the weight from the shoulders) goes all the way under the arm. This style is replacing the old Smoothie 327. Don't forget to read the booklet and follow the directions when you try this one on!
Fabric Content: 81% polyester/12% methyl vinyl acetate/5% nylon/2% spandex
Shape and Fitting: It is suppose to be the same sizing structure as the regular J30's, J50's and J60's. However we have found that they fit just a bit different. If you know your J30's size for sure you may want to try out a J40 a cup size bigger. We are just fine with you "trying on" 2 sizes to compare and then sending one back. If your credit card has a problem with that much you can always put a note on your order that you want them sent one at a time. So find your standard size in the "fitting room" and if you are a standard:
B then order a Le Unique B
Slight C = BB
Full C = C
D = CC
E = D to DD
F = E to EE
G = F to FF
H = FF to G
I = G to GG
J = H to HH
K = I to II Washing Instructions: Hand wash in cool water. Do not twist or wring. Do not use bleach and absolutely do NOT machine dry! If you want to add years to the life of this bra we suggest you use their Delicat wash!
Back: 3 to 5 hooks depending on size and they all have 3 positions.
Color: White, Beige and Black (White is $2 less)
Size: B, BB=30 -38, C, CC, D, DD, E, EE, F, FF, G, & GG=30-46, H=30-44 HH=30-42, I=30-40 & II=30-38
Price: $75 to $90.00. Check drop down menu for exact price of your size.