Birth and Baby Leisure Bra 1022 NOW 10% OFF

Special Features: This traditional front hook leisure bra works great for nursing and is great forever after too. Just don't unhook all the hooks when you are nursing or else it will be hard to pull yourself together again. Dealing with hooks in the middle of the night can be a drawback of this style.
Fabric Content: 95% polyester microfiber/5% spandex
Shape and Fitting: Even though this one is only labeled with a band size I have added suggest cup sizes that may work with that band size. Let us know if you feel the suggested cups are missing the mark.
Washing Instructions: It is labeled as a hand wash warm but it should do fine in a delicate wash or with your baby clothes. With the hooks closed it should be okay for a low heat tumble dry.
Back: no closures in back - only the hooks in front. There are 5 hooks on the smallest up to 7 hooks on the largest.
Color: White with embossed stars
Size: Band sizes 34-36 = A/B/C suggested cups, bands 38-40 = B/C/D cups, 42-46 = C/D/E, 48 = D,E,F
Price: WAS $15.00 - NOW $13.50