Mama Rose's Naturals Aromatherapy Bath Salts

All mothers, and women, owe this to themselves. As women, we work so hard for those around us all day long. Ahhh. . .fizzing bath salts were created especially for the hard working Mamas and women of the world, using an essential oil aromatherapy blend for relaxation, replenishing and inspiring. Salts from the Dead Sea are used, highly rich in minerals which promote healing, help regulate the moisture level of the skin, draw out toxins while revitalizing, relieve aches, pains and skin problems, and have a relaxing effect on muscles and the whole body, ahhh. . .

Suggested use: Pour a generous handful, or desired amount into the bath after you enter the tub. Close your eyes, inhale, and relax. . .Enhanced when used with candles and your favorite music.
For Adult Use

Ingredients Ahhh. . .Fizzing Bath Soak contains loving touches of mineral rich salts, including salts from the Dead Sea, and a therapeutic blend of pure essential oils, including ylang ylang, bergamot, lavender, rosewood & frankincense