Sunrider Sunbreeze Essential Oil

This is my magical secret for just about any ailment but works beautifully on inflamtion from engorgment, epidural edema (yes, if you had an epidural and your feet are still swollen your "engorgment" is from the epidural not breastfeeding!), or any clogged duct or infection. It can go just about anywhere except ears, eyes and genitals. Put it on breasts just after feeds so it will be gone and not around baby's eyes by the next feed. It is also good to rub on upset tummies, sun burns, bug bites, headaches, sore muscles, sore throats (inside & out) and if you don't mind a momentary tingle it will bring great relief to hemrroids! It comes in a oil or a balm form - I love both. Remember this is not diagnosing or prescribing anything and these statements are not FDA approved - just sharing my experience from one mom to another.