SuppleMate Infant Care

This handy new tool will enable mothers to add a supplement (hopefully her pumped breastmilk) while the baby is still nursing. Sometimes an infant with a weak or uncoordinated suck needs extra help for a few days. The one ounce bellow connects to a six inch pliable medical grade tubing. This tubing can be taped to mother's breast with butterfly tape (available next item on list) for placement in baby's mouth while nursing. The difference between model I and II is that SuppleMate I has a six inch tube that can be used at the breast or used as a finger feeder and SuppleMate II has a two inch tube which enhances finger feeding if that is the main objective. This concept is wonderful for a short term helper and the price is great for that. However, if one were to need to keep this up for a couple weeks the Medela Starter SNS may be more appropriate and for longer term yet the full SNS or Lact-Aid system would be the best. Be sure to call our Lactation Consultant (PJ) if you have further questions (888-398-7987).