Moby-D Wrap, Moby UV , Moby Select

The main difference between the Moby Wrap and Moby-D is the distinctive fabric panel, created from woven cotton, a silk screened print on Cotton/Spandex, a microflibre or Asian silk. The D stands for different, deluxe & distinctive. The woven and silk fabric panels add a section of non-stretchy fabric to help support the baby. The edges of the Moby D are seamed, not over-locked. This ensures that the Moby D will hold its shape after extended use. Moby-D measures 5.5 yds.
Fabrics: Microfibre, Silk Brocade, Silk screened on Cotton/Spandex & Handwoven Cotton
Silk screened print:
Dragon (for strength)
Fish (for balance)
Symbol (for prosperity)
Chocolate Stripe
Indigo Stripe
Blue Swirl
Brown Circles
Price: $59.95

Asian Silk:
Jade Stripe
Pink Shimmer
Price: $69.95

Moby UV has special fabric that will protect the baby from UV rays for moms who are out in the sun a lot! There are three colors available: Fuchsia, Sand and Turquoise
Price: $44.95

Moby Select are very special with batik cotton fabrics in a choice of two hand painted designs: Floral or Vine. The other Select choice is an organic cotton in Coconut (natural), Celery or Eggplant colors.
Price: $69.95