Lansinoh Lanolin - NOW 50% OFF!

Lansinoh has made a name for themselves and their products are well trusted! It soothes, heals and protects sore cracked nipples. It does not have to be removed prior to breastfeeding. It contains no preservatives or additives of any kind. This works great for the initial tenderness - if you are getting really sore or the soreness lingers for more than a week, give me a call so we can figure out why and fix it! PJ 888-398-7987. The Diaper Rash Ointment has an elegant non-greasy texture so it applies smoothly and gently to your baby's delicate skin. What moms love most about this product is that it goes on white, so you know where you applied it, but it rubs on clear, so there is no mess on your hands, clothing or baby!