Breast Pumps-Manual Pumps

Breast pumps are single user products. Use by more than one person may present a health risk and voids the warranty. Breastpumps are personal care items. For hygienic reasons they cannot be returned once opened.


Ameda One Handed Breast Pump - NOW 30% OFF!

Besides having a very comfortable one-hand action, a big plus with this pump is the ability to add the Flexishield TM which stimulates the areola. This has been shown to increase the milk flow and volume. Nice and compact for your purse too
Starter Kit: Includes the one handed pump, two reusable nursing pads, Lansinoh lanolin sample, breastfeeding reference and pocket guide in a pretty teal insulated carrying bag. The bag can be purchased separately also.
Price: Full kit was $50 - now $35.
Sterile pack was $47.80 - now $33.46.



Avent Isis Breast Pump

An all new design which is said to be capable of expressing the same amount of milk in the same amount of time as an electric pump, comfortably, and with very little effort. The bell has "petal massagers" which stimulate the let-down reflex. The soft bell and silicone diaphragm combine to create a perfect vacuum so there is a continuous suction and milk extraction. You can duplicate your baby's rhythm of suckling with the handle motion every 2-3 seconds. The motion of the handle is butter smooth! This Isis pump is one of the best quality products I have seen.


Avent Replacement Valves

Avent is finally providing replacements on a few parts that might wear out before you are done using the pump. If you are noticing a reduction in suction you may just need a new valve.



Hygeia Manual Expression Devices and Storage Containers

Expression Cup:
When you are hand expressing the milk can squirt in all different directions so this handy cup contains it better. Ones who leak a lot on one side while nursing on the other can use this for passive collection purposes so nthing is wasted.

Hygeia Manual Breastpump:
A perfect little pump when you are on the go or need to be away once in awhile!

Mother's Milk Storage Containers:
This set includes 3 BPA/DEHP free, medical-grade polypropylene storage containers. The cap can double as a feeding cup but the containers also come with slow-flow nipples.



Isis On The Go Set

Portable stylish black carry bag. Contains: 1 - Non-electric Breast Pump, 1 - storage bag lined with Thinsulate(keeps milk cool for up to 6 hours), 2 - 4 oz. and 9 oz. reusable bottles with newborn nipples, 2 dome caps, 8 washable disposable pads, and 2 gel packs. The ultimate answer to pumping mother's milk when away from home and baby.



Medela Harmony Manual Breastpump with 2-phase expression

This is a great pump when you only need to pump once in awhile but want your pump to perform exceptionally well! It has an ergonomic swivel handle and comes with the SoftFit breastshields standard. The kit comes with 2 containers with solid lids and a bottle stand.


Replacement Diaphragms

Avent has finally provided some replacement parts on pieces that might wear out before you are done using the pump. If you find the suction not quite as good as it used to be try replacing the valve first and if that doesn't do the trick you may need one of these diaphragms. They come 2 to a package.