Replacement Parts

Some of the breastpump, manufacturing companies provide replacement parts to prolong the life of your pumps. Parts are listed here by specified pump styles. Most of these we keep in stock all the time, If we don't happen to have it, it's real easy for us to get it.


Ameda Breast Pump Replacement Parts Now - 40% off



Ameda Custom Fit Breast Pump Flanges Now - 40% OFF


Ameda Spare Parts Kit Now - 30% off



Avent Replacement Parts

Avent usually didn't need many replacement parts but they are finally making them available so you can prolong the use of your pump!



Bailey Nurture III Double Collection Kits

These are just the breast shields, tubing and bottles for the Nurture III pumps sold separately.

*Motor* (shown) is not sold in these kits.

Double Collection Kit Includes: 2 Bottles, 2 Bottle Stands, 2 Flanges, 3 Gaskets (1 spare), 2 Overflow Filters (1 spare), 1 Long Tube, 1 Short Tube, 2 Double Caps, 1 Single Cap, 2 Screw Rings & Disk.

Deluxe Collection Kit Includes: 6 Bottles, 2 Bottle Stands, 2 Flanges, 3 Gaskets, 2 Double Pump Caps, Single Pump Cap, Tube Set, 2 Overflow Filters, Instruction Manual, and Video: "Successful Pumping with the Nurture 111".



Bailey Nurture III Breast Pump Replacement Parts

The pump flange now comes in two pieces so you will need to order both the flange and flange base parts to replace the old one piece units which are no longer available. The regular 25mm flange is here (sold singly) but they now have Super Shields (sold in pairs) in three new sizes:
Medium - 23 to 29 mm
Large - 29 to 35 mm
EX-Large - 35+ mm.

You can get all the parts separately or you can get the "Parts Kit" which has the most needed parts all together (1 long and short tube, 2 filters, 2O-rings, 2 double caps and 1 single cap)

All pump parts and bottles are BPA free and DEHP free!



Hollister-Ameda Egnell Replacement Parts NOW 65% OFF!

These are the last few items that we have in stock. Take advantage of this good price!



Hygeia Breastpump Parts and Accessories

If you click on the title you will see a picture of each item in the order they are listed on the drop down menu.



Hygeia Breastpumping Personal Accessory Sets (PAS)

All parts that come in contact with breastmilk are BPA/DEHP free. They are durable components that are safe for long-term collection and storage of breastmilk.

When you click on the title you will see 3 pictures of parts - the first one is the Endeare Set, the second is the EnJoye Set and the third is the Universal Set which has everything needed for either pump and parts for manually pumping also!



Hygeia Electrical Parts

When you click on the title you will see three pictures - the first one is the External Battery Pack for use with the EnJoye EXT and EnJoye EPS. You will need 8 AA batteries which are not included. The second picture is the Power Supply for use with the EnJoye LBI, EnJoye EXT and EnJoye EPS. The third picture is a Car Adapter that can be used with a 3 EnJoye pumps and the EnDeare also!


Medela Replacement Parts

These are the extra parts for your medela breastpump including tubing, breastshields, bags, bottles, valves, membranes, conversion parts, connectors, etc... Just click on the scroll down button to view the items and prices. If you are confused and not sure of what you need give us a call (888-398-7987). The tubing is especially confusing!



Medela Vehicle Lighter Adapter

For use with the LactinaTM and Pump In Style TM Electric Breastpumps.


Whisper Wear Replacement parts

We currently only have vehicle adapters and the breast pads...we are unable to contact the company.