Sale Lingerie

These styles are not really maternity or nursing but just some fun lingerie at great prices. Some are just plain practical, some just pretty and some pretty sexy! The only sizes available are on the drop down menu. When they disappear they are gone forever. . .


Colesce Couture Lingerie-Pajama Set NOW 65% OFF!

This set says size "Average" but it seems to be like a Lg to XL - very long sleeves too but a nice silky satin! It is much nicer than our sad quick picture portrays it to be! Was $25.00 - NOW $8.75!


Colesce Couture Lingerie-Rose Print Cami/Tap Pant NOW 75% OFF!

Was $13 - NOW $3.25!



Colesce Couture Lingerie-Satin Stripe Pant & Choices Shirt NOW 65% OFF!

The shirt can make a slinky top for an evening out or pair with the pants for some comfy PJ's. Were $13.00 each - NOW $4.55 each!