Avent Bottle Brush

Handy item to have at the sink to clean the bottles quickly and easily. The Avent Bottle Brush is designed for easy cleaning of all types of feeding bottles and equipment. It is slim-lined for easy reach to all areas with the bristles all on one side, and a curved end to allow the bristles to curl around the end of the brush for easy cleaning of bottom, sides and corners. At the bend, the bristles are especially long and tapered to make sure they clean those hard to reach edges where the bottom and sides of the baby bottle collects residue. It is designed for easy cleaning of all types of feeding bottles and equipment. We love these soft mint and lavendar colors too.



Avent Express Food and Bottle Warmer

A safe and fast way to warm all the things you feed your infant. Unlike most warmers, this is even safe to use with disposable bottles. It fits all AVENT bottles, magic cups and food jars. All you need to do is just add water.



Avent Feeding Bottles

As much as I detest bottles I realize there may be a place for them at times. If moms have to use them I want them to use the best of what is out there. These bottles at least keep the lips flanged out and prevent air ingestion. They come in 9oz with a slow flow teat or 4oz with a newborn flow teat. If you would like some ideas on alternatives to bottles to stay away from the nipple confusion/preference problem give me (PJ) a call at 888-398-7987.



Avent Isis Breast Pump

An all new design which is said to be capable of expressing the same amount of milk in the same amount of time as an electric pump, comfortably, and with very little effort. The bell has "petal massagers" which stimulate the let-down reflex. The soft bell and silicone diaphragm combine to create a perfect vacuum so there is a continuous suction and milk extraction. You can duplicate your baby's rhythm of suckling with the handle motion every 2-3 seconds. The motion of the handle is butter smooth! This Isis pump is one of the best quality products I have seen.



Avent Nipple Shield

This shield has the firmest silicone nipple - which may be good in situations where just having something to grasp on to is the issue. The new design has a cut out on two sides so it won't flip up over the baby's nose in use and they can still smell the breast. The small size has returned which is what I recommend for newborns so they don't just end up with a mouth full of silicone! Box of 2.



Four Breastmilk Storage Bottles

I like the company's attitude by labeling this set as breastmilk (or baby food) storage containers. This set doesn't come with any teats, however, the lids have the caps that can be popped out and a teat put in.



Isis On The Go Set

Portable stylish black carry bag. Contains: 1 - Non-electric Breast Pump, 1 - storage bag lined with Thinsulate(keeps milk cool for up to 6 hours), 2 - 4 oz. and 9 oz. reusable bottles with newborn nipples, 2 dome caps, 8 washable disposable pads, and 2 gel packs. The ultimate answer to pumping mother's milk when away from home and baby.



Avent Isis Comfort Breast Shells

This set comes with a ventilated set that can be used before birth to help draw out flat or inverted nipples or help with sore or cracked nipples. The solid ones work better when you are leaking so nothing spills out the holes when you bend over. The ultrasoft silicone backings transfer back and forth to either set of shells.



Avent Replacement Parts

Avent usually didn't need many replacement parts but they are finally making them available so you can prolong the use of your pump!


Replacement Diaphragms

Avent has finally provided some replacement parts on pieces that might wear out before you are done using the pump. If you find the suction not quite as good as it used to be try replacing the valve first and if that doesn't do the trick you may need one of these diaphragms. They come 2 to a package.



Avent 2 Variable Flow Teats - 70% off!

This style teat has a slit for the opening and depending on which direction it is in the baby's mouth it will have up to three rates of flow. It has easy markings to be able to tell which rate you are on. It is ideal for thicker feeds and is recommended for babies 3 months and older. It also has the one-way air valves to reduce air intake in the baby.
Was $4.70 - Now $1.41



Avent Breast Pump Conversion Kit - Now 75% off

This kit adapts breast pumps with standard size screw tops so you can pump directly into your Avent bottles. It works with AVENT reusable storage and VIA. It easily adapts breast pumps to fit AVENT systems.
Price: Was $10.00, Now $2.50!



Avent VIA Breastmilk Storage Kit - 65% off!

For use with the new Avent VIA Disposable System. This kit includes 10 reusable lids, 10 disposable bases and 2 reusable adaptors.
Was $15.00 - Now $5.25


Avent Replacement Valves

Avent is finally providing replacements on a few parts that might wear out before you are done using the pump. If you are noticing a reduction in suction you may just need a new valve.



Avent VIA Disposable Nurser Starter Kit - 8oz. - 65% off!

This brand new design from Avent uses VIA disposables for exceptional safety and strength. The starter kit comes with 5 reusable lids, 5 disposable bases, 1 reusable adaptor, 1 dome cap, 1 newborn nipple and 1 screw ring (extra bases can be purchased separately).
Was $8.20 - Now $2.87