Decent Exposures


Decent Exposures Bra - In Stock - EVERYTHING MARKED $10

Decent Exposure's Original Un-Bra have some wonderful features but we are no longer able to make custom fit orders. So when these are gone they are all gone. What you see on the drop down menu is all that is available and they are exactly as specified (using the following codes).
Each bra listed here will have a different price because they have different aspects to them but they are all at least 50% OFF THE ORIGINAL PRICE!!

Fitting: The Madonna Shapes will be very disappointed in the shaping this bra gives, but if you are mostly concerned with comfort - this is your bra! It is expensive for a sleep bra but great for sleeping, since there is no hardware to deal with in the middle of the night. If you want some support for comfort but do not mind not looking "perky" at home, this is a great lounging bra. The cups sizes are pretty standard but the band size runs true to your actual measurement around the rib cage. The center looper keeps things in place nicely and helps to keep it from the unibreast look of some sports bras. Band and cup size will be first along with the strap length.
Description Codes:
S=1" shorter straps, XS=2" shorter straps, Regular length are unmarked, L=1" longer straps, XL=2" longer straps. The color of fabric will be second followed by the kind - C=100% cotton, CL=90% cotton/10% lycra, V=Velour and DR=Dri-Release. Next is your choice of back cuts, flaps, and lining. S=Scoop Back, R=Racer Back. NF=Nursing Flaps, L=Lining, .

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