Slurp & Burp


Baby Bond Original Breastfeeding Cover w/burp cloth NOW 50% off!

Special Features: This is the newest idea in the field of breastfeeding cover-ups! Personally I would rather have our society healthy and have breastfeeding a normal part of life but until that happens this may help you feel more comfortable nursing in public. You simply slip it over your shoulder, "prepare" things underneath and then as pictured, you just separate the two pieces of fabric enough to latch baby on discreetly. When your baby is ready for a burp your cloth is right there ready on your shoulder! As you slip it around to the other shoulder you will have a "clean cloth" for that one and the other side will be ready to "prepare". The advantages with this system is that all your clothes that you have some access in the front can be used and you don't have to cover baby's head! Most of them will not tolerate any blankets after a couple months old anyway! The new ones come with a little designer bag to slip them into when not in use. All these covers are now discontinued, so what you see on the drop down menu is all we have left.
Fabric Content: Cotton
Shape and Fitting: The original ones (labeled with the old "Slurp and Burp" name) come in one size which fits most (s/m). The new colors come in 4 sizes.
Washing Instructions: Machine washable.
Color: We still have some of the original colors which are stripped and they are at 20% off (see drop down menu - as they sell out they will disappear). Sunset (red, blue, brown, teal & pink stripe), Olive (drk and lt olive and white stripes). The newer colors are at the new price of $35 and include Black, Charcoal and Espresso
1: XS/S = 37" loop, up to 5'8" & 130 lbs, bras sizes A/B/C
2: S/M = 44" loop, 5'6" - 5' 10" & 125 to 155 lbs., bra sizes B/C/D
3: M/L = 51" loop, 5'8" to 6' & 145 to 185 lbs., bra sizes C/D/E
4: L/XL = 58" loop, 5'8"+ & 175+ lbs., bra sizes E+.
Price: WAS $35.00 - Now $17.50 These items have been discontinued as the company has closed it's doors - sad day as it was a great idea! All that is left is on the drop down menu.