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LilyPadz Non-Absorbent Nursing Pads

LilyPadz are made from a unique silicone material that is breathable, flexible, and invisible under clothing. Also, as a convenience for larger breasted women they come in larger sizes as well. It simply seals off the nipple and when the milk can not escape it will retreat back up the ducts and nothing is wasted either! If applied while skin is dry, you can even wear them swimming! LilyWash is a liquid cleanser specifically formulated to clean the tacky surface of LilyPadz. LilyWipes is a single use cleaning pad that conveniently cleans the surface of LilyPadz when away from home or on the go. LilyPadz Starter Kit includes both LilyWash and LilyWipes. LilyPadz two pair pack offers a cost savings to the consumer who wants the convenience of having two pair of LilyPadz.
Care Instructions: Simply wash with mild soap and water, rinse, shake and thoroughly dry before reapplying. Because they contain no adhesives, the self-stick lining is renewed each time they are washed, so one pair can last for months. Lilypadz can even be sterilized occasionally by placing them in boiling water for 3-5 minutes.