Bailey Nurture III Overflow Filter NOW 20% OFF

If the bottle were to fall over these filters seal off and prevent any moisture from getting into the motor. Once wet they will not be usable again and will need replacement. It is suggested to replace them every 4-6 months with regular usage.



Bailey Nurture III Video Successful Pumping with the Nurture 111 NOW 20% OFF

Video "Successful Pumping with the Nurture III" demonstrates set-up and use of the Nurture III and discusses the storage and feeding of expressed breast milk. Runs approximately 10 minutes in English or Spanish.


Bailey Washable 100% Cotton Breast Pads NOW 20% OFF

The package has 4 washable, re-usable, flat breast pads made from five layers of soft 100% cotton flannel for maximum comfort and absorbency.



Bailey Nurture III Breast Pump Replacement Parts NOW 10% OFF

The pump flange now comes in two pieces so you will need to order both the flange and flange base parts to replace the old one piece units which are no longer available. The regular 25mm flange is here (sold singly) but they now have Super Shields (sold in pairs) in three new sizes:
Medium - 23 to 29 mm
Large - 29 to 35 mm
EX-Large - 35+ mm.

You can get all the parts separately or you can get the "Parts Kit" which has the most needed parts all together (1 long and short tube, 2 filters, 2O-rings, 2 double caps and 1 single cap)

All pump parts and bottles are BPA free and DEHP free!



Bailey Nurture III Deluxe Breast Pump w/ CaringBag NOW 20% OFF

This efficient little pump has been around for a long time and yet they keep managing to improve it. The latest improvement is in the warranty - they have extended it to 2 full years - which indicates how well these pumps have been lasting. They are the only ones to give a 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee also! We do request a phone call before returning it to see if it is something that can be resolved. It can be used for single or double pumping and has five settings for suction control. The user regulates the cycle time with a slight roll of the finger every 2-3 seconds. This is a great option for the working mother and yet a great value for a less demanding pumping situation. I think this is one of the best values for your money.

Nurture III Deluxe TM comes with CaringBag TM Insulated Tote and Video. The tote comes with Blue Ice pack and four extra bottles. This will keep the milk cold for up to 16 hours.

All pump parts and bottles are BPA free and DEHP free!
WAS $160.00 - NOW $128.00